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Buttock Enhancement

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The buttock shape and size can enhance the body curves and figure. There are multiple ways we can enhance the appearance of the buttocks.

Liposuction of the waist, love handles and the posterior upper thighs can bring out the beauty, roundness sensuality of the buttock area.

People with small buttocks can have enhancement by

1 : Fat transfer “BRAZILIAN BUTTOCK LIFT” (fat injection) into the buttocks,

2 : buttock implant,

3 : Buttock enhancement by dermis fat graft.


Fat is liposuctioned from other areas of the body, processed, fluid and oil is removed, and then the pure fat injected into the buttocks.

The process of processing the fat and the method of transferring that fat graft into the buttocks is very important.
Fat is injected in small aliquots and in stacked layers as in a three dimensional manner to assure maximal amount of fat be retained.

This assumes that you have enough fat in other areas to liposuction and harvest the fat. We can use what you have of fat. In the event you desire more enhancements, than whatever amount of fat you have, then one needs to use a buttock implant.

Fat injection is a surgical procedure where fat is harvested by syringe liposuction to minimize the injury to the fat cell. The gentle technique optimizes the possibility of fat graft take, and permanent results. The scar is minimal. Liposuction is done through a small incision, about 5mm. The fat is injected through a similar incision and similar cannula diameter.


Buttock implants come in different sizes and two shapes, round and teardrop shape. Custom implants can be ordered in special cases. The size and shape of the implant is chosen based on patient desired shape, present shape and measurement of the patient buttocks.

Improvement in the implant, design, softness and technical advancement has increased the demand for buttock enhancement surgery. The result is a more natural feel and look.

Buttock implants come in different shapes and sizes to fit your personal needs. Custom made implants can also be made to specification by the implant company to meet the specific requirement of the person.

Buttock implants are put through an incision in the crease between the buttocks, so that it is well hidden not seen.

The surgery is done under general anesthesia. Surgery time is about two hours, as an outpatient surgery. Complete recovery takes two to three weeks. During the recovery period the patient is advised to stay off the buttocks.

During the initial consultation Dr. Shureih will discuss with you, your specific needs and the desired look. Computer imaging can help in communicating what can be done and, how the new look fits your body image.

You can also bring photographs from magazines to help communicate your desired look and sense of beautiful buttocks. Dr. Shureih posses a vast experience in Brazilian butts.

Enhancement, with an artistic touch.

Risks are minimal provided you are in good health and no diseases that affect healing.

The new enhanced body image conveys beauty and confidence.




Many people have excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen as a result of age, and pregnancy.  Abdominoplasty, (Tummy Tuck) tightens the stomach by removing this excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen.

The excess skin and fat removed during the tummy tuck is used as a graft to enhance the size and shape of the buttocks.

This is a new effective method of buttock enhancement. The donor site of this dermis fat graft is usually the abdomen. Thus benefiting from an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), and buttock enhancement at the same time. This will enhance the both results of the abdominoplasty and buttock enhancement.

Body curves are accentuated.


Almost all women report enormous satisfaction with buttock enhancement surgery. The fuller appearance helps clothing and swimwear look much more appealing. Many women cite that new enhancement help to create a more balanced look all over the body, and may give the appearance of a smaller waistline and more pronounced curves. Buttock enhancement surgery can give a boost to self-esteem, and more self confidence.

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