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Fat Transfer

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Fat Injection

Baltimore plastic surgeon, Dr. Samir Shureih has extensive experience in fat transfer for facial rejuvenation and for buttock enhancement.

Harvesting fat from one area of your body where there is plenty, processing that fat and transferring it, or injecting fat to fill depressions, or filling areas where fat is lost, or areas of the body that need enhancement. We loose fat from the face and other areas of the body. Replacing the fat lost with your own fat from another part of your body is a safe, effective, and an excellent way of correcting the problem. Lips loose bulk with aging, fat injection to the lips can restore the youthful look. Transferring fat can smooth wrinkles and reverse aging of the face. Fat transfer to the buttocks to enhance the buttocks, is very commonly used.


Transferring your own fat has always been an attractive solution as there are no allergic reactions, there is usually an abundance of it, and is the ideal filler. Newer techniques to harvest purify then implant the fat has improved the survival of transferred fat dramatically. In fact, many of us are transferring fat to enhance the results of other cosmetic surgeries such as facelifts, Filling hollow eyelids, and depressions.


Fat transfer is an office surgical procedure. It involves harvesting the fat by gentle liposuction. The harvested fat is then carefully cleaned, then centrifuged to separate it from the anesthetic solution and debris, then placed into smaller syringes for injection. The one or two tiny incisions made to introduce the cannula to harvest the fat require no sutures. Injection of the fat into the site to be enhanced is the second of the two steps in the fat transfer process. The area on your body usually, the face or buttocks, to be improved is anesthetized with local anesthetic prior to fat injection. The freshly harvested and centrifuged fat is then carefully injected into the desired area. Fat transfer is injected in small pearls of fat in a layered pattern to assure the survival of the graft.

Brazilian Butt Enhancement has gained much popularity to enhance the buttocks. Fat is liposuctioned from other areas of the body, usually multiple sites are liposuctioned, it is processed then the pure fat is injected to the buttock or hips. Recovery for Brazilian Buttock enhancement is simple and fairly quick.. Dr. Shureih a Baltimore Cosmetic surgeon has extensive experience in Buttock enhancement surgery.

Fat transfer to the face is very successful in reversing the aging process and the loss of volume in the face, including the cheeks, eye lids and lips.


The recovery time from fat transfer is almost negligible. In most cases, you can return to your normal activities almost immediately. Complications are very rare and include infection, no take of the fat graft. Bruising and swelling is common, and will tend to resolve in a week or two. As we use only your own fat, there are no allergic reactions or graft rejections.


Fat injections are usually permanent. A variable amount of any fat injected may not survive the transfer process. It is not uncommon to require a repeat of the fat injections to maintain the final desirable results. We usually wait a minimum of four to eight weeks between these sessions. Occasionally, no matter how many times we inject the fat, it will not "take" or stay in a particular area.

Dr. Shureih a Baltimore Board Certified Plastic surgeon with certificate of advanced education in Cosmetic Surgery. He has been named TOP DOC in Baltimore Magazine twice, and named TOP DOC in The National Guide of Top Docs.